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The Beresford Depot

Beresford Depot  The depot was built in 1924 by the Chicago Northwestern Railway Company.  The CNW Railway Company was instrumental in naming the town "Beresford". The Community Depot, Inc. has been formed by the people of Beresford to preserve and maintain the building. 
 (East end of Main Street in Beresford, SD)


Post Office Mural

  In 1940, D. McCosh, through the auspices of the C.C.C. (CivilianBeresford Post Office Mural Conservation Corps) painted a pastoral mural in the newly-built post office in Beresford.  The mural, portraying farmers working and typical farm animals, celebrated Beresford's agricultural history and led to the post office being listed as an historic edifice. 
(Main Street, Beresford, SD)



Bulow Park

  Bulow ParkThe first record of the city of Beresford making a Park Committee appointment was in 1912 when John Ridge and Julian Wheelock were paid to work in the park. Additional land was purchased at this time for $75.00 and later this same year another addition was purchased.  In 1959 the park was dedicated as Bulow Park in honor of Governor William J. Bulow.
  (West end of Oak Street, Beresford, SD)


Bulow House

Bulow House  This private residence was once the home of William J. Bulow, Governor of South Dakota from 1927-1931 and U. S. Senator from 1931-1943.
  (207 W. Hemlock Street, Beresford, SD)