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St Peter's Catholic Church

  St Peter's Catholic ChurchEstablished in 1868, this was the first permanent Catholic parish in the Sioux Falls Diocese.  Father Pierre Boucher, said to be South Dakota's first resident Catholic priest, served the parish.  The present church was built in 1891. In 1930, Henry Goering came to St. Peter's Church and started the  famous painting of the Ascension above the main Altar in the Sanctuary, which is truly a work of art.  The figure of Christ is life-size and all the paintings are done with a beauty of the 16th century.  Also within the church are many beautiful statues, and the stations of the cross that were brought from Canada in the early days are still hanging in the church.  The tall spire and cross can be seen for miles around.  The church is visited by many tourists each year.
  (Highway 105, Jefferson, SD)

Grasshopper Crosses

  In the 1870's pioneers faced a fierce attack of grasshoppers.  The insects covered every inchGrasshopper Cross of ground and ate all the vegetation within their path.  On a Sunday in May 1876, Father Boucher appealed to a higher source for relief from the grasshoppers for his parishioners.  The priest led his congregation on an all-day, eleven mile pilgrimage, placing three crosses in different locations. Though the grasshopper came again in later years, the area within the crosses was never touched.  This cross is adjacent to St. Peter's Catholic Church in Jefferson, South Dakota.  Another one of the crosses can be seen at the Morin farmstead 4 miles northwest of Jefferson on County Road 1B, and the third cross is on County Road 23 on the Dale Chicoine farm.
 (Highway 105, Jefferson, SD)